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Carnival Cruise Carnival Cruise Lines
Considered as one of the largest, if not the largest, cruise companies in the world this Florida-based company was founded in 1972 and is currently British-American owned. The Carnival brand is basically one of the eleven cruise ship brands which are owned and operated by parent company Carnival Corporation & plc.  Carnival Cruise Lines offers special voyages and you can take your pick from a 2-5 day cruise; 6-9 day cruise or a 10-days or more cruise. Delicious meals, the most exciting destinations, spectacular entertainment options and programs for children of all ages if you're cruising with your family these and more are the perks that you will get to enjoy on a Carnival cruise.

Royal Caribbean Cruises Royal Caribbean Cruises
A Norwegian-American owned cruise company based in Florida, Royal Caribbean Cruises is the second largest cruise ship company in the world.  Contrary to what it's name suggests the cruise line sails to destinations throughout the world, not just in the Caribbean.  The cruise line offers weekend cruises or longer 14-day cruises on one of the many ships which belong to it's fleet of 6 different classes.  Each of the six fleet classes has a handful of ships which sail under the class offering travelers a wealth of different cruise packages/ships to choose from.  You'll be sure to enjoy your vacation while on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Cruise Line
Offering cruises to various location around the world which include the Bahamas, Mediterranean, Canada, Alaska, England and Hawaii, the Norwegian Cruise Line has become known for its Freestyle cruising concept.  The Freestyle cruise concept means passengers are more free to do what they want when they want while cruising on the ship;  this includes no dress code, no seating arrangements, no specific times for meals and more.  Cruise passengers are free to spend their time on the ship the way they want too - in the fitness center, bowling, singing in the karaoke bar, swimming in the pool, or gambling in the casino among many other things available on the cruises.

Disney Cruise Line Disney Cruise Line
Headquartered in Florida, the Disney Cruise Line currently offers vacationers three cruise ships in it's fleet for traveling to various destinations around the world including Alaska, the Bahamas, Europe, Mexican Riviera, Panama Canal, and the Pacific Coast of the United Stated among others.  The three ships currently in the Disney Cruise Line fleet include the Disney Dream, DIsney Magic and Disney Wonder, with a fourth vessel, the Disney Fantasy, currently being built and slated to start sailing by 2012.  All Disney Cruise Line ships are casino free, offering family-friendly entertainment and fun for both adults and children.

Azamara Club Cruises Azamara Club Cruises
If your looking to be pampered and accommodated with all the amenities imaginable while on a cruise then Azamara Club Cruises might be just for you.  The cruise line is known for providing exorbitant, special and unusual services like butler services and culinary services; in addition to providing specially tailored cruises to unique destinations.  The fleet currently has two luxury cruise ships sailing under the Azamara Club Cruises brand which are the Azamara Journey and the Azamara Quest.  If your looking for a luxury cruise vacation tailored to your wants and needs then a cruise on one of the Azamara Club Cruise ships can be a wonderful vacation.

Celebrity Cruises Celebrity Cruises
Experience a cruise vacation like a celebrity on one of the many ships in Celebrity Cruises' fleet.  Celebrity Cruises has a large number of ships in four different classes which consist of the Century Class, Millennium Class, Xpedition Class and Solstice Class.  The cruise line continues to grow in popularity as it offers travelers a luxurious cruise experience by raising the bar in cruise standards.  While on Celebrity Cruises you can experience sumptuous dishes made from scratch and with only the finest ingredients, luxurious spa treatments, and spacious staterooms among other things, all while traveling to numerous destinations around the world.

Costa Cruises Costa Cruises
One of the oldest operating cruise lines which started back in 1924, Costa Cruises is a British-American owned Italian cruise line currently sailing 14 ships under the Italian flag and based in Geno, Italy.  The cruise line sails to numerous important key cities around the world while offering vacationers a truly Italian experience while on one of their cruise ships.  Each cruise ship in the Costa Cruises fleet is highlighted by particular feature(s) like a spectacular 4D cinema, musical theatres, etc.  Destinations the cruise ships travel to include Russia, the Baltic, Canada, the United States, Dubai, Suez Canal, Indian Ocean, Mauritius, Caribbean and Southeast Asia to name a few.

Cunard Line Cunard Line
The Cunard Line fleet of ships are known as some of the most famous ocean liners around the world and include the Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria cruise ships.  Cunard Cruises is known for offering ultra-luxurious cruises including champagne toasts, grand ballrooms, and mouth watering cuisines in fine dining rooms.  Cunard Line cruises have been operating since 1840 and are currently headquartered in England.  The cruise company offers various length cruise packages ranging from 5 days/nights up to a month plus to various destinations around the world including the Caribbean, Canaries, Northern Europe, Scandinavia, and USA just to name a few.

Holland America Line Holland America Line
Currently based in Seattle, Washington, the Holland America Line currently sails 14 ship vessels in seven different continents while carrying almost 700,000 cruise passengers every year.  The cruise ships which are part of the Holland America Line are divided into four different classes  which include the Statendam or S Class, Rotterdam or R Class, the Vista Class and the Signature Class.  Each class of ships have something uniquely different about them - for example the Vista Class ships have been praised for their environmentally friendly operations.  When sailing on a Holland America Line cruise vessel you can expect world-class service with all the bells and whistles one should expect.

MSC Cruises MSC Cruises
An Italian cruise line which was started in 1987, MSC Cruises is known for being one of the most eco-friendly fleets around the world which travels to exotic destinations in comfort and style.  The cruise line is also considered a leader in Mediterranean cruises and is one of the top five cruise companies in the world.  The company has a handful of ships in four different classes sailing under the MSC Cruises brand with the MSC Splendida and MSC Fantasia the largest of it's cruise ships.  In addition to the Mediterranean, the cruise line also sails to different parts of the world including the Atlantic Ocean, Northern Europe, South America, Caribbean, South Africa and North America.

Oceania Cruises Oceania Cruises
Known for it's cost effective cruise packages which go to worldwide travel destinations, Oceania Cruises was started in 2002 and is a relatively young cruise company when compared to the other cruise lines.  There are currently three passenger ships which sail under the Oceania Cruises brand which include the Regatta, Insignia and Nautica; with another two ships currently planned for future expansion.  When taking a cruise vacation with Oceania Cruises you have a choice to travel to the following exciting destinations:  Alaska, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Greek Isles, Panama Canal, Mediterranean, Northern Europe, South America, Canada and Transoceanic voyages.

Princess Cruises Princess Cruises
A British-American cruise line which is based in California, Princess Cruises was founded in 1966 and currently has a fleet of 15 cruise ships which sail to world-class destinations around the globe which include Alaska, Asia, Canada, New England, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, the South Pacific, the Mexican Riviera, Panama Canal and South America.  The duration of cruises range from 3 days to 16+ days.  With 115 unique cruise itineraries which visit over 350 ports around the world, customers can tailor a unique cruise experience based on locations they would like to travel to and services/amenities they are looking for on one of the Princess Cruises ships.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises Regent Seven Seas Cruises
Based in Florida and owned by Apollo Management, the same company which owns Oceania Cruises and part of Norwegian Cruise Line, Regent Seven Seas Cruises offers long-term world cruises for those looking to literally travel around the world or short term cruises which travel to specific destinations including Africa, India, Alaska, the Asia Pacific, Canada, New England, the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and South America.  There are currently three cruise ships which sail under the Regent Seven Seas Cruises including the Seven Seas Voyager, Seven Seas Mariner and Seven Seas Navigator.

The Yachts of Seabourn Cruise Line Seabourn Cruise Line
Started in 1986, Seabourn Cruise Line is based out of Miami, Florida and has a fleet of cruise ships which offer a more personal cruise aboard their smaller ships when compared to other cruise companies.  The company prefers to refer to their ships as yachts - setting themselves apart from the other cruise companies.  The Yachts of Seabourn also cater to an older crowd ranging in age from their 40s to 60s.  Because the yachts are smaller than other cruise ships, they hold between 200 to 500 passengers depending on which yacht you sail on.  The smaller yachts allow the company to sail to exotic ports which normally larger cruise ships can't get too.

Silversea Cruises Silversea Cruises
A relatively young private cruise company which started in 1994, Silversea Cruises is based in Florida and Monaco, and is owned by a family in Rome, Italy.  Silversea Cruises stands out from the rest of the cruise lines by offering "Personalized Voyages" to its customers.  Customers can choose their own embarkation and disembarkation points when sailing with Silversea Cruises.  The fleet of cruise ships which sail under the Silversea Cruises brand include the Silver Cloud, Silver Wind, Silver Shadow, Silver Whisper, Silver Spirit and Prince Albert II.  Each ship is small enough to dock in exotic destinations other larger cruise ships can't, making more travel destinations possible.

Windstar Cruises Windstar Cruises
Windstar Cruises has been in business since 1984 and stands out from the rest of the cruise industry by sailing smaller cruise ships which can dock in smaller ports where larger cruise ships aren't allowed.  This allows the company to travel to more locations around the world where normal cruise ships can't.  Some of the locations Windstar Cruises sails to include the Baltic, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, the Greek Isles, the Holy Land, Panama Canal, Europe, and Transatlantic.  There are currently three cruise ships sailing under Windstar Cruises which include the Wind Spirit, Wind Star and Wind Surf.

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